Manholes are the most commonly featured thing which can be seen in a metropolitan city road. You can definitely find that apart from the buzzing traffic, the people of the city streets and alleys, the roads are heavily fitted with heavy-duty manhole covers. In several movies, we can see that lead actor is sprouting from a manhole cover for saving the world from vicious and treacherous villains. But in reality, the manhole covers play a serious play which makes the lives of the civilians much easier.

What are manhole covers?

Heavy-duty manhole covers are made out of glass-reinforced plastics and other composite materials. These manhole covers may be different in form, detail, and composition but the significance and importance are all same. Manholes are made out of cast iron, concrete, or a combination of both. They usually are strong, cost-effective, and heavy. On average a manhole mainly weighs more than 50 kilograms (110 lb). Its huge weight helps to keep them in place when traffic passes over them and makes it difficult for anybody apart from authorized people to remove them without suitable tools.

Importance of Manhole Covers

You can never imagine a city with open manholes. They can be termed as one of the greatest inventions by humans. It is a thick metal that is amazing and never gets tired no matter how many people steps on it every day. A lot of people are not aware of the significance but without these things, numerous accidents can happen in the street daily which makes heavy-duty manhole covers your daily street heroes. Manhole covers can protect people and keep them safe from falling into a filthy manhole which lies beneath the heavy-duty manhole covers. Heavy-duty manhole covers can help to suppress and prevent foul and unwanted odor coming out from the manholes lying beneath them. Unwanted vehicular accidents are caused by open manholes which can be prevented by using manhole covers. Every day heavy duty manhole covers can save countless lives. Wouldn’t it be disgusting if you fall in a manhole? To help you out, heavy-duty manhole covers are there.

We specialize in composite manhole covers products for sale and exportation. Our manufacturing partners has developed Round and square Composite Manhole Covers (FRP/GRP material). Composite Manhole Covers can be widely used in Inspection chambers for sewerage, underground Electrical Cabling, Telecom Cabling, Water, Gas, and Petroleum Installations, Beautification of Landscapes and Gardens. Apart from manhole covers, Carriageway/Telecom covers, Circular manhole covers, Recessed manhole covers, Gas & Air Tight Inspection manhole covers, Catch Basin covers, Kerb Drain manhole covers, Surface Boxes, composite rain Gratings, and composite tree grating, etc. Dutco Tennant LLC specializes in supplying this amazing range of Manhole Covers to the Middle East and GCC region. We are a leading Ductile Iron (D.I.) & Cast Iron (C.I.) recessed Manhole Covers & Frames supplier in U.A.E.