Let’s begin with the very basics of what exactly are Baggage Scanners. Via these X-ray machines, the luggage passes via the lead-lined curtains. This creates an x-ray image of the things present inside it. We can generally find these types of scanners placed at various locations like railway stations and airports. The created images are divided into colors mainly depending upon the density of the object.

Their importance

There are a huge number of global travelers traveling every day. For this, the security checkpoints play a very important role in maintaining security at stations and airports. X-ray baggage scanners are important to check the contents inside the bags of the passengers to ensure that they are following the norms of security and complying with the restrictions made by the authority for keeping everyone secure and safe.

How AI is helping the evolution of Baggage Scanners?

It is a very huge and tough task for handling the bags for the airport security authorities. With a huge amount of passengers entering and exiting the premises every now and then, delays, long queues, and pushing the handbags into the scanner for creating chaos. Detection of the banned items inside the x-ray images can add to the problem as it can slow down the process. They can also miss on the subtle new differences as the how the recently introduced devices for the consumers are connected or put together. For this challenge, a huge advantage lies with artificial intelligence and machine learning for security and also improving the scanner’s accuracy. Software engineers are working together with data architects for developing solutions for Ai & Baggage Scanners which can be fused into the already existing algorithms with ease. This will be helping in automating the training of detection in scanners and allowing the feature of 'intuitive identification'. This formula will help the authorities to reduce the usage of the expensive proprietary detection capabilities hardware which can take out the need for labor-intensive manual searching.

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