This New Year, Dutco Tennant LLC brings to you a bunch of attractive products. We are always in a growing state and we look forward to bringing out products which make the lives of our customers easier and safer. As a renowned supplier of the premium range of Architectural Finishing Products, we bring to you are a new and advanced range of Tactile Indicators.

So what are Tactile Indicators?

Made from several materials, Tactile Indicators are installed onto the ground surface consisting of a series of raised Strips and Studs. It serves the purpose of assisting pedestrians who are blind or the ones who are visually impaired about hazards and directional information to aid navigate the sidewalks of the road and the sidewalks of public buildings. It is achieved by aligning the raised Strips and Studs pattern of the Tactile Indicators on the ground surface, enabling blind pedestrians to feel the textual changes through their feet or with a cane. The color contrast between the Tactile Indicators and the ground surface can be used by pedestrians with limited vision to detect the modules visually. Tactile Indicators are mainly used to lead pedestrians to and identify public access facilities such as intersection kerb ramps, pedestrian crossings, stairs, lifts, ramps, and escalators. They are also used at public transport facilities to alert pedestrians to platform edges at train stations, bus and tram stop areas and ferry wharves.

In addition to assisting with orientation, Tactile Indicators help provide safe, dignified & independent access to and within the community.

We have launched two varieties of Tactile Indicators which serve different purposes.

Directional Tactile Indicator Strips

Directional Indicators are used where other tactile and environmental cues, such as the property line or kerb edge are absent or give insufficient guidance. They give directional orientation in open spaces and designate the continuous accessible route to be taken to avoid hazards. They also give directional orientation to a person who must deviate from the continuous accessible path to gain access to a crossing point, public transport access point, or point of entry to a significant public facility.

Warning Tactile Indicator Studs

Warning indicators works like a stop sign and alerts pedestrians who are blind or vision-impaired to hazards in their line of travel, indicating that they should stop to determine the nature of the hazard before proceeding further. This product is available in several materials such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium and Polyurethan.

All our supplied Tactile Indicators meet the requirements for Dubai Universal Design Code and also in other International Standards.