In a recent development, Dutco Tennant LLC provided an oil analyzer for an important industrial client in the Middle East. Dutco Tennant LLC supplied the oil analyzer called MiniLab 53 for a client in the GCC.Ametek – MiniLab 53 is an onsite oil analyzer product which has been lengthily used in many industrial houses.

Industries do oil analysis for early detection of equipment wear and tear and find out corrosion’s root cause.  On-site oil analysis is preferred by clients because it takes away the long wait associated with sending samples off-site. Such solutions make life easy for industrial equipment maintenance personnel.

Oil analysis is done to discover early equipment damage indications, and find out the corrosion’s root causes. The benefit with On-site oil analysis is that it takes away the wait linked with sending samples off-site and supports immediate decision making. With some simple tests, MiniLab 53 gives inclusive on-site oil analysis, giving immediately actionable results, saving your precious time and decreasing costs. Main features in this system are One product which provides quality analysis onsite. Very simple uses making even non-expert users work with ease. Easy and accurate data managing and report interpretation through OilView and Trivector reporting.

MiniLab 53 has the latest TriVector™ feature which presents a machine’s health and lubrication system’s simple picture to us. This useful feature shows the degree of health in each vector.  In order to understand this analysis, measure the oil’s key physical and chemical parameters.

Dutco Tennant LLC is the name behind many successful industrial analysis projects done in the Middle East today. The company is a known leader in providing analytical solutions for clients in the GCC.  Providing the latest technical novelty in industrial analytical solution with a wide-ranging supply and after-sales service from the world’s leading manufacturers. Get in touch with us for such inventive solutions in the Middle East and GCC area.