Dutco Tennant LLC has provided quality Pipe Supports from Mupro for a EXPO 2020 Village Parcel, Dubai, U.A.E.   Our company is a well-known MEP equipment supplier in the Middle East and GCC region. Get in touch with us for quality Pipe supports in the Middle East and GCC region.

Unparalleled quality products from us have wide field of application. These products are suitable for using in housing and industrial areas. You can use these products for fastening of drinking water and heating pipes. These products are for indoor use. They have many advantages such as highly elastic insert, captive fastening screws, they are highly rigid thanks to supporting rib.

The equipment can support temperature ranges from -50 °C to +110 °C. Important features of the products are: binding screws with combination cross-head, supports safe handling thanks to rounded flange, clip-over edges and the pipe clamp ensures a secure hold and prevents it from being pressed out. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading MEP equipment supplier in the Middle East and GCC region.

The MEP Solutions are the core supply area of the Dutco Tennant LLC which represents a major portion of our supply in the Middle East and GCC area. The company today provides complete MEP solutions to residential, industrial and commercial projects in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and GCC area.

The company provides ground-breaking design, engineering, procurement and project management capabilities, presenting customized solutions to every client. Dedicated teams give customers complete solutions for HVAC, electrical, communications, piping, mechanical and fire protection systems. The company hires greatly experienced people and sources advanced solutions to deliver most excellent services in an economical way.

Dutco Tennant LLC supplies most advanced MEP solutions including pipe supports to the leading countries such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and others. Contact us for good quality MEP solutions in GCC area.