Back in 2015, our supplying partners Leica launched the Leica Captivate Experience along with the Leica Captative Software. The Leica Field Controllers CS20 and CS35 tablets were also released, both of which run the Leica Captivate software. So, let us get into the details of CS20 and CS35 –

The CS20 Leica is a handheld controller that can be considered as a classical field controller that is used for measuring and staking work. It comes with a moderately big 5” wide VGS screen, internet connectivity via 3.75G modem and WLAN, QWERTY Keypad, Bluetooth, and a unique fully integrated total station radio connection for robotic total station use and integrated DISTO. On the other hand, the Leica CS35 tablet runs Windows 8.1 and can be concluded as a personal computer. It comes with a 10.1” screen and is extremely rugged which meets the tough IP rating criteria for use in the field. It does not need any saying that it has internet connectivity with the help of a WLAN and modem, the Bluetooth is enabled, and also has a fully integrated total station radio connection for the robotic total station use.

Leica offers two very different “controller” platforms for running Leica Captivate. This is because the trend is truly towards handheld portable devices and also technology allows rugged, powerful, and reliable tablets which need to be used in the field in harsh conditions. The Leica CS35 meets all the criteria and high requirements which users want in their field instruments. We have a wide range of varied and different customers who work in several environmental conditions and can work seamlessly in hard conditions. They perform a wide range of tasks and they all have their own preferred and personal ways of working. The classical handheld has been around for a very long time and will not disappear overnight. Many users feel the use of keypad as the primary way of using their software or some users have used classical controllers for a long time and cannot imaging using any other type of controller. But some users also like touch usage and will definitely like the tablet which makes it much easier. Leica offers both tablets and a handheld controller which allows the users to choose their preferred way of working.

The design process and the requirements for the Leica CS20

Leica tried to focus more on giving a positive user experience beginning from the very first moment, the user can see the Leica CS20 and puts it in the hand. The makers wanted users to know instantly that the CS20 is a product of real quality and it is fit for the task at hand and will easily be able to do the which is supposed to be. This does not mean that the Leica CS20 was only designed by keeping the ruggedness in mind although that was obviously a key design feature. This means that the product as a whole is required to bring across a positive user experience which is achieved in several smaller ways and the sum of these smaller parts leads to the overall bigger positive user experience. Adding to this the Leica Captivate Software also wanted to offer a positive user experience. Having software and hardware that seamlessly works together is a very important element for positive user experience and with the Leica Captivate running seamlessly on the Leica CS20 and CS35, Leica has achieved this.

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