The BIG 5 being the largest trade fair for the construction sector in the Middle East, focuses on displaying the latest solutions and products which are aimed at the betterment of the construction sector. The 40th edition of the BIG 5 is the platform for its visitors to review state-of-the-art solutions for Building Envelope & Special Construction, Building Interiors & Finishes, Construction Technologies & Building Automation, Construction Tools & Building Materials, MEP Services, and Offsite & Modular Construction. This trade fair can work as the pathway for companies to make deals, build partnerships, review the latest technologies in these sectors, learning about current and future projects and market needs, and explore new project ventures and opportunities in the Middle East region. Being a trusted and prominent supplier of various industrial and engineering products in the Middle East and GCC region, Dutco Tennant LLC has been always trying to bring out solutions for the betterment of the Construction Specialities sectors. Over the four days of this amazing event, we are looking forward to announcing and demonstrate our newest products for the Civil Infrastructure sector.

DT Products

  1. Crash Cushion

    The Crash Cushion System is an impact absorbing attenuator which is installed at the ends of the steel barrier and junction, bridge, dangerous objects, etc. It is designed to give protection to motorists in a vehicle and vehicle itself by absorbing shock on impact. It is also capable of redirecting the vehicle away from the hazard like roadway machinery and workers. This product will be displayed in collaboration with Shindo Industry Co. LTD.

    Key Features

    • Redirecting and Repairable
    • Great visibility day and night
    • Refined design with orange plastic tanks
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Competitive pricing
    • Redirects the vehicle away from the hazard such as roadway machinery and workers.
  2. Flexible Bollards

    Flexible Bollards are installed to support road surface signs in places that are highly prone to road accidents and requires high attention from drivers. The Flexible bollards spatially divide traffic flow in both directions, catching the driver’s eyes to warn them of dangers. This product will be displayed in collaboration with Shindo Industry Co. LTD.

    Key Features 

    • Passed 200 bending test
    • High resilience with 100Ø in the lower circumference and 80 Ø in the higher circumference
    • Very elastic, with 4.5mm in the lower thickness and 2.5mm in the upper thickness
    • Very bright reflective sheeting that never breaks apart
    • A smooth, glossy surface that is dirt resistant