BIG 5, the largest and most important trade fair in the region commits itself to pursue an advanced world with the latest technologies for the construction sector. It has been growing every year, attracting more sponsors, partners, experts, and government organizations. It provides a forum for all attendees to learn more about the latest innovations, technologies, and advances in research, regulatory information and other developments in the construction sector. In this event, Dutco Tennant LLC wants to introduce their recent product additions into their inventory for the MEP Supplies sector from Pipe Life.

Pipelife is one of the leading names as a producer of plastic pipe systems and was formed in 1989. It is owned by the international company weinerberger. Their prime business focus is on the development, production, and distribution of plastic pipe systems. A position in the market makes them be able to supply their partners with excellent products and services, which are the result of continuous improvement and innovation. The PIPELIFE Group consists of 26 companies and is present in 26 countries, located mainly in Europe but also in the USA. The manufacturing facilities are located in 18 countries. Worldwide, over 630,000 km of Pipelife pipe was installed in 2016.

Pipe Life Product  

This year at the BIG 5 they will be demonstrating about Soundproof Acoustic Pipes which will be exclusively distributed by us.


The Master 3 Plus is a state-of-the-art system of soil pipe and fittings which are designed and manufactured to meet the modern construction and housing challenges. It is manufactured from mineral-reinforced polypropylene copolymer. It is designed to address the soil pipe challenges encountered in today's residential and industrial construction projects.


  • Higher weight and thicker walls

The latest generation comes with a higher rigidity class (SN4) which results in a weight increase by 60 percent.

  • Excellent sound insulations

Increased weight greatly improves sound insulation.

  • Flow-optimized connections

The new shape of the socket ensures a smooth transition from inserted spigot end to fitting which significantly reduces turbulence.

  • Bent branch

The hydraulically optimized swept (bent) branch enables the connection of a larger number of households to the downpipe which is a result of higher flowrate compared to conventional branches.