Being firmly established as one of the largest and most important specialized exhibitions in the region, The BIG 5 is committed to pursuing sustainable development and accelerating the transition towards a better world with strong infrastructure. This highly successful event has acclaimed its position as the leading industry gathering and serves as a key platform that brings together international exhibitors, specialists, decision-makers and investors. At this prestigious event, Dutco Tennant LLC will be introducing the next-gen product additions to our remarkable inventory in collaboration with Wouter Witzel.

Wouter Witzel is one of those rarest manufacturers which have five decades worth of experience and know-how and are internationally renowned for their impeccable range of butterfly valves and actuators. They serve customers in the sectors of – Water Treatment, Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, Desalination, Building Services, power stations, and district cooling. They constantly monitor the developments in the market to be able to respond quickly to the new demands. Their manufactured butterfly valves and actuators offer a very high-quality performance along with durability. They have immense experience in dealing with large and complex projects.

Wouter Witzel products

At BIG 5 2019, Wouter Witzel has planned to educate all the visitors of our stall about their marine butterfly valves.

Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is a shut-off valve with a relatively simple construction.  It is defined as a valve in which the obturator rotates about an axis at right angles to the direction of flow and, in the open position flow passes around the obturator. While in the closed position, the disc blocks the valve bore while in open position, the disc is turned to allow flow. A quarter turn takes the valve from fully open to the fully closed position or the opposite, and thus the butterfly valve allows for quick opening and closure. Wouter Witzel has a comprehensive range of industrial butterfly which is suitable for various applications. The unique vulcanized rubber lining bonded to the body concept and profiled seating design improves the functional performance to the highest level. This high-performance valve is extremely durable, has an ultra-long lifetime with low operating costs and meets the most stringent international standards. It gives out advantages like taking up lesser space due to its simple construction, and the lightweight and lower cost compared to other valve designs.