Creating a better tomorrow for all of us

The Middle East is arguable the fastest-growing region of the world currently. The countries of the Middle East are focusing more and more on all the sectors of development of growth and trying to be among the top nations of the world. Through many obstacles, we have gone through and conquered which also involved ourselves to grow in every avenue from technology to education to real estate and others. There are still a lot more things and obstacles that require us to get over them and our citizens are not going to just sit and wait for a miracle. We all have together made sure that our country progresses every day and makes way for a better country.

We are out of words for thanking our citizens and among them lies a major segment of our society who are the visually impaired. A large portion of our society has lost their eyesight due to several reasons but still, there are not a lot of services provided to aid them even in the main public places of India for helping and providing comfort to them. And for this reason, tactile indicators play an important role to help the large number of visually impaired citizens who are working side by side others to help the country grow. It is important to provide the visually challenged citizens access to a tactile environment which makes sure that the major portion of the public places and the hazardous areas are disability-friendly for allowing them to get a regular experience just like others. Several public places like movie theatres, restaurants, staircases and other common public places like metro stations, roads, and airports. All of them should take measures for making their environment and surroundings more friendly for the challenged citizens to also make them feel welcome.

Dutco Tennant LLC always tries to offer a one-stop solution to all the problems which the visually impaired people face through on a daily basis. The idea is to offer our clients the top quality products and services so that there are more places that offer them a disabled and tactile friendly environment. Our range of tactile indicators is huge and suitable for a variety of uses. We have a variety of tactile strips, indicators, and studs that offers a great deal of importance in terms of identifying and indicating any hazard. Our supplied products can be used for any platform of any terrain. By caring about the requirements of each individual, we offer you the best tactile products. We along with our manufacturing partners Asteknik have gone a long way to use a variety of several types of materials for meeting the needs of the visually impaired ones. Our main goal lies in helping and creating an environment that is highly friendly and safe for the disabled. We try our best to offer them helpful and convenient access to tactile indicators so that they can easily blend with the lives of other people. With the development and progression of technology in the Middle East, it is the peak time that the country offers accessibility to the visually impaired.

Since the inception, we have been working with Asteknik and recently we have agreed on a contract to become their exclusive regional partners. With us, you are guaranteed to get the world's best-rated products. Over the years, we have also worked on several high profile projects and among them some of our recent ones are RTA BUS STATION.

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