A complex challenge for the security managers is presented by airports which represents the sharp relief of the tensions among the requirement for efficiency and that compared to the maintenance of the highest standards of security. Airports witness the highest number of travelers every day being the primary hub for the travel of the passenger of the present day. This huge number of commuters handling by the airports every day has given rise to the demand for more advanced baggage scanners for airports.

The main challenge for the security managers lies in ensuring that all of the travelers can move with the highest independence for reaching their gate while ensuring that they along with facilitating employees can all be screened for any types of potential threats for the security. The security managers in airports are looking for modern technologies which can help their teams for doing more compared to their constraints.

Threats for the flights and airports

Airports and airplanes can be turned as ideal targets for terrorists who are looking to carry out well-crafted, terror attacks. The assaults faced on the airport ground or the attacks in the midair airplanes with explosive or other ways, have the potential for making headlines, create massive casualties, get shocking reactions from the authority or harm the travel industry. For these reasons and others, there can be several detrimental consequences of attacks on the airline industry. A huge balance among these seemingly conflicting requirement is very difficult at but it can be achieved easily when we are defining our models of threat and implementing the mandatory strategies and solutions for reaching our goals. When you are building a strategy, you can begin with thinking about ways for implementing inspections before the traveler for reaching the terminal. The perfect solution lies with scanners and detectors.

Arriving at the Airport

The intelligence security teams in an ideal situation of security will definitely pick up any plots of terror attacks. But the failures of intelligence can happen and we are required to have measures in place for preventing the attackers from arriving at the terminals where attacks that can cause significant loss of life can be carried out. Controlling the access of the terminals having a defined checkpoint at the ground entrance can be a very good start for defending the airport. X-ray baggage scanners and other equipment like under vehicle inspection technologies (UVIS) use high-resolution cameras for capturing the images for analyzing deep learning that allows the security teams for detecting and scanning potential threats in just a few seconds. In this market, advanced systems utilize anomaly detection for identifying suspicious items depending on their wide understanding of the several elements which create the vehicle. The types of high-end solutions will not need any types of previous scanning of the vehicle or a model of the manufacturer which is important for airports dealing with new traffic daily.

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