Water Hammer is a shock wave that is transmitted via fluid that is contained inside a piping system. The most basic way to explain that is that a water hammer takes place when a fluid in motion gets suddenly stopped. The fluid momentum gets stopped abruptly and creates a pressure wave which travels via the media within the piping system, which subjects everything in that closed system to significant forces. The pressure wave is mainly dampened or dissipated in a very short amount of time, but the pressure spikes can make huge damages during that brief period of time. Water hammer can be identified by banging or thumping sound which in extreme cases can indicate that extensive and costly damages are occurring to pressure sensors, expansion joints, pipe walls, and flow meters. In a multiphase fluid that is a liquid media that also has entrained solids, water hammers can also happen. For example, sand slurry or liquid pump. The main factor is that the water is the main medium of transport in the piping system and the water can transmit shock waves very effectively.

From the improper selection of valve, improper location of the valve, and in some cases, poor maintenance methods can result in a water hammer. Several valves like swing check valves, tilting disc checks, and double door check valves can also make way for problems regarding water hammers. This type of check valves is highly prone to slamming as they rely on reversing flow and backpressure for pushing the disc back into the seat so that the valve gets closed. If the reverse flow is forced, as in the cases of a vertical line with normal flow upwards, the disc will get slammed with a great amount of force. The resulting shock can damage the disc alignment so that it no longer makes full, 360-degree contact with the seat. This leads to leaks which in the best case, undermines the efficiency of the system and in the worst case can do serious damage to the other components of the piping system.

When you install a water hammer arrestor on each of the water supply lines, it is undoubtedly the best and long-lasting solution for the long-term elimination of water hammer. The water hammer arrestors are much similar to an air chamber but it comprises a gas or air-filled chamber that is sealed by a piston or diaphragm. The diaphragm or the piston moves for absorbing the shock from the water. The water and air or gas are kept separate which means that the water will never require to be drained from the arrestor. Our supplied range of Water Hammer Arrestors contains a piston inside a cylinder. A surge in the pressure moves the piston, by compressing the air in the cylinder. This releases the kinetic energy of the surge which keeps the pipes from maintaining and rattling an even 60 psi. The effect of water hammer can be significantly reduced with the help of water hammer arrestors. Water hammer arrestors are hydro-pneumatic devices similar in principle to a shock absorber. When installed between the water pipe and the machine, it absorbs the shock reduces pressure in the piping system to safe levels. Dishwashers, clothes washers, fast closing positive shutoff valves incorporated in the system, all contribute to creating water shock which is not only annoying but damaging to pipes and appliances. Water Hammer Arrestors incorporate a permanent pre-charged sealed air chamber to absorb the shock. The sealed chamber prevents the loss of air to the water and ensures a long and trouble-free life. All potential leak points are permanently sealed.

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