Flooring design should not ever be taken lightly and is one of the major decisions to consider while designing the interior of any space. It creates the first impression for everyone who enters a facility. Carpet flooring undoubtedly offers a wide range of benefits from attractive acoustic, superior comfort, and thermal qualities to increased safety in comparison to hard surfaces. The new trend in the flooring design is shifting towards adapting carpet tiles instead of traditional carpet flooring. Quality carpet tiles offer a lot more benefits in comparison with normal carpets if you can deploy them in the correct way. A unique ambiance for your interior can be created by the patterns and colors of your carpets. There is an underlying misconception that carpets tiles are costly on your wallet and are more time-consuming. But we are here to clear all of these misconceptions.

So, let's begin with what are carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles or carpet squares are small portions of carpet that are made from the broadloom carpet which can be combined and installed in several creative ways. Traditionally they are square-shaped and are available in several sizes as well as planks that have a rectangular shape. But presently, they are available in several creative shapes. Between a variety of carpet tiles backing, you can choose with the most popular choice being the hardback backing, open-cell cushion backing, and closed-cell cushion backing. They can be directly installed on the floor and are really fast and easy to install. For most of the carpet flooring projects, carpet tiles are the best choice both in terms of practical and in terms of design. It brings in a lot of benefits too -

Easy installation

Carpet Tiles are the first choice for several designers and architects because it is extremely easy to install. They are easy to transport and lift, which makes it easier to get them on the job site without any damage. They can be directly installed on the floor without requiring any underlay. Saves a lot of effort, money, and time.  With furniture in place, carpet tiles can even be laid.

Less Waste

In the fitting stage, carpet tiles generate the most minimum waste. This is mainly because of the very less adjustment or cutting required for tiles to fit a given space.

Style Diversity

Previously, carpet tiles had really did not have any room for design versatility. They were just thin squares that were available in a narrow range of qualities and colors. Because of this outdated limitations, many people still refrain from using them. But in modern days, carpet tiles have improved a lot and have gone beyond imaginations. It is now possible to achieve a wide range of colors and patterns all thanks to the new dye technologies. Now you can also apply a custom design to your carpet tiles. Apart from this, you can also use the configuration of the tiles themselves for effect. Unique approaches to carpet tiles have gained popularity. Creative architects and designers are using patterns and colors to facilitate wayfinding and personal spaces.

Easy to Maintain

Another important benefit of carpet tiles is the ease of maintenance. You can easily remove them for cleaning or you can replace a single tile if it gets damaged or soiled. As carpet tiles are modular and small, they don't take up so many spaces and can be easily stored. If you have extra carpet panels, then you can sub out tiles when required. As tiles can be easily lifted, you can readily access underfloor cables as required.


For luxury and plushness, traditional wall to wall carpets are the most preferred option but high-quality carpet tiles are also not far behind. As they are cut from broadloom carpets, the carpet tiles can achieve a similar quality like that of wall-to-wall carpeting.

With all these magnificent advantages, carpet tiles are undoubtedly the next thing you should consider for all your carpet flooring solutions. For any part of the project if you need any type of help, then feel free to contact Dutco Tennant LLC. Form the top names of the world, we bring you the largest collection of carpet tiles. Get in touch to get the best carpet flooring solutions : info@dutcotennant.com