Various manufacturers have experienced repeated failures on the same pump and even though the pump has been installed, repaired and aligned properly; it still can experience several issues of vibration. When a closer look is taken, it will show that the reason for vibration is not being emitted from the pump but was getting affected by the several vibrations from other types of equipment as it has traveled through the pipes. So, how to stop the pump from getting affected by the rogue vibrations? Here comes the plumbing expansion joint.

What is a piping expansion joint ?

In piping systems, expansion joints are installed for various reasons. They do not just absorb the shock and vibrations, they also can be used for reducing the noise, relieving the stress from the anchor and counterbalance the misalignment. Design of some specific expansion is done for thermal expansion in applications that are extremely hot. The pipes are allowed to move in three different ways due to expansion joints. Conventionally, they are found in three distinct types of materials for covering a wide range of applications. But in MEP Products, we recommend the use of Rubber plumbing flexible joints.

For thermal expansion, rubber can be used as it can also absorb the shock and vibration waves very well. Because of this, this is the most preferred choice of material for reducing the vibrations from other equipment and the noise of transmission for protecting the equipment like pumps. They can also work as shock absorbents for decreasing the trauma that is caused by pressure surges, water hammers and seismic events.

Why you need it?

Here are some of the key reasons why a Plumbing Flexible joint can be helpful in a piping system –

  • Settles lateral offsets and solves initial piping misalignment
  • Thermal expansion of piping
  • Bending and Shock loads
  • Vibrations in equipment and pump

The complete process is connected and every piece can affect the next one. The key to having a process that increases up time lies with having highly reliable piping systems. When you carefully manage your piping systems, it not just keeps them in great working condition but also increases the life of the equipment which is attached with it.

Suitable application areas - HVAC Systems, Air Compressors, Plumbing Systems, Pumps, Hot Air Pipelines, Chemical Factories, Industrial Factories, Marine Applications.

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