The leading trade fair for Security, Safety & Fire Protection, Intersec returns to Dubai for its 22nd edition from 19-21 January. This amazing event acts as the best platform for companies to showcase their newest products and increase their business. It offers visitors a premium platform to explore specialized industry insights and new products. Every year this show attracts more than 1200 exhibitors from over 135 countries and the visitor count reaches around 34,800. Dutco Tennant LLC believes that protecting people and property from fire is a social commitment with a purpose that transcends the bottom line, and for that, we always have been looking out for new ways to improve the fire safety of facilities. Like every year, this year too we have planned to showcase some of our newest products and solutions which are focused to increase the fire safety of the business facilities.

So which exciting products can you explore at our stall over these three eventful days? Read it out below.

Gate Valve

Our offered Gate Valves comes with unique features, easy maintenance and are used in the fire protection industry for many years. We supply gate valves that fully conform to the latest AWWA C515 standards with UL/FM approval. The wedges provided are with EPDM encapsulated wedge which helps in providing bubble-tight shutoff. The gate valves are also provided with NSF certified epoxy coating for the prevention of corrosion. Gate valves are offered in two types – OS&Y and NRS type and both of these valves offer unique features like ease of operation, positive sealing, and full flow capacity.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves offered are designed for trouble-free reliability and are constructed of durable ductile iron for a lightweight superior product. The butterfly valves utilize stainless steel upper and lower shafts with EPDM encapsulated discs. The high-quality fusion bonded epoxy coating offers corrosion resistance. The valves are slowly operating with low torque leading to excellent high cycle life. They are also ULFM approved.

Check Valves

Swing Check Valves are used for ensuring flow in one direction. They are offered in two types - bronze to bronze seat and resilient seated. The bronze-to-bronze seat is designed with ample tolerances to compensate for seat ring wear. The spinning action of the disc creates a regrinding effect that cleans the seat ring of foreign particles. The disc is also self-adjusting. The resilient seated works as an “absolute seal” and softens the closing effect. All moving parts of these valves are bronze to bronze, minimizing wear and corrosion problems. Our supplied check valves can be installed in the horizontal or vertical orientation and they are available tapped for easy installation of gauges at up to six locations. Our modern cover design allows for simple inspection and service utilizing a tapped body, eliminating nut and bolt combinations seen on older products.

firefighting solutions

Indicator post

Indicator Wall Posts are designed to operate the control valve of an automatic fire sprinkler system. It is a wall type system for operating non-rising stem gate valves and displays the disposition of the gate valve behind a wall from a distance and is required on NRS gate valves in sprinkler service. We supply Indicator Posts which are UL Listed and FM Approved for fire systems.


  • Target nut to allow 9 to 45 turns (2945)
  • Adjustable indicator plate (open / shut)
  • Protected window to indicate the valve open or closed position
  • Tapped for the supervisory switch

Ventilation System

Tunnels that exceed a length of 1000 meters require the installation of ventilation systems. We supply ventilation systems that offer the most effective and safest solution, always guaranteeing a breathable air supply even under the most adverse conditions.


With our vast experience, we have become specialists in supplying dampers, which is an essential part of any ventilation and smoke extraction system. They can be applied to road, underground, railway tunnels and to all kinds of underground facilities. In addition, we also supply a wide range of accessories for dampers. Our dampers are delivered on-site in a perfectly identifiable format, including all relevant information related to the project.

Module Bypass

BYP Modules are called to mark a watershed in safety and in the speed of building modules for tunnels. Our supplied module is unique in the world thanks to its standardization, "turnkey” delivery and a significant reduction in building time. It provides a maximum level of safety and supports the local buffer while ensuring the necessary equipment for the safety, maintenance, and communication of the shelters with connections to electrical power and data grids.


  • Standardization of the construction of by-pass crosses connections.
  • Modular “turnkey” installation.
  • Reduction of the time taken to execute installations.
  • High level of safety.