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Dutco Tennant LLC has been achieving the trust and accolades from thousands of customers in the Middle East and GCC region for its unmatched service and uncompromised quality. We are the leaders in supplying the various kinds of industrial and engineering solutions for diverse industry verticals from construction to networking to electrical and we have established a good company profile. If you are looking for modern and efficient preserving solutions for your rare, valuable books and pamphlets then Dutco Tennant LLC has the most efficient solutions to offer you. We offer a complete range of archival-quality book boxes, repairing products, displaying accessories, labels & covers, and filing and binding products which are bound to offer safety and longevity to your valued memories.

These Gaylord Archival® Blue Nesting Storage Boxes work with Gaylord Archival® Record Storage Cartons, and most other standard-sized letters/legal storage cartons, to make efficient use of space. Each box is sold individually, so you can mix and match box sizes or chose multiples of the same size boxes to suit the needs of your collection. Then neatly layer your choice of nesting boxes inside any Gaylord Archival Record Storage Carton (sold separately). This system is perfect for storing collections of items of various sizes, separating artifacts from paper collections, and for bulk storage of large quantities of artifacts. Paper is fragile and is more likely to damage and deterioration. Your family records, newspaper clippings, photos, and other paper documents are your valued treasures which need to be preserved. Your family history deserves the same level of protection used by the world's leading cultural institutions. We know you care for your memories and want to preserve them as a family heirloom for the next generation but you are also worried about those memoirs getting damaged. Protect all your essential memories with this extraordinary archival-quality record storage box from Gaylord Archival. Commercially available items sold as "acid-free" may actually begin to degrade within just a few years, but products that are truly archival quality can provide protection that lasts generations. The b-flute corrugated box features cut-out handles and a removable lid. The double ends and bottom add strength. The box ships flat for easy storage.

Salient features :

  • Designed to nest inside Gaylord Archival Record Storage Cartons and most other standard-sized record storage cartons
  • Made from B-flute corrugated board• Metal edges add strength and support
  • Safe long-term storage for large quantities of artifacts
  • Perfect for storing collections of items of various sizes and separating artifacts from paper collections inside the same storage carton
  • Mix and match boxes to suit the needs of your collection