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Dutco Tennant LLC is one of the leading suppliers of seismic protection devices and solutions for almost over 40 years in the Middle East and GCC region. Our solutions and products have been developed after several types of research by various experts. Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joints are very important elements in large infrastructures such as bridges. Bridge bearing ensures load transfer, movement, rotation, vertical or horizontal restraints as required by the design at critical locations in a bridge. Reinforced elastomeric bearings and pot bearings are the most widely used structural bearings. Dutco Tennant LLC has the capability to supply fully integrated bearings, which can be "tailor-made" to meet different design requirements for rotations, restraints, loading, movements, and other requirements. Dutco Tennant has provided Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joints for several prestigious projects in the Middle East and GCC. In the past, Dutco Tennant LLC has supplied solutions for many high profile projects such as Dubai International airport expansion, Dubai parallel Roads, etc. We can provide you more project reference at request. Dutco Tennant LLC has complete knowledge of different project requirements in the Gulf region and therefore we can provide the best solution.

The usual anti-seismic design is based on the structural ductility that is the ability to undertake extensive plastic deformations which dissipate energy by hysteresis. In this kind of design large structural damages are allowed. Consequently, even if the structure collapse is prevented, expensive repairs are necessary after major earthquakes. No protection is guaranteed to the goods inside the structures.

However, for strategic structures, such as hospitals, power plants, control rooms, and primary bridges, the functionality after catastrophic events is a primary goal to be guaranteed in addition to the structural integrity.

The seismic isolation design based on the concept of reducing the seismic energy transferred to structures, has proved to be the most effective design technology for protection against earthquakes; indeed not only the structure’s integrity is guaranteed but also the goods inside.

The whole isolation of a structure is obtained by placing adequate elastic supports in suitable positions in order to disentangle the ground from the structure allowing relative displacements.

The isolation principle is very simple: the idea is to shift the structure vibration period from low values (typically ranging from 0.3 to 1 seconds for a fixed base structure) where the ground acceleration is pronounced to longer periods (2-3 seconds) where the acceleration is highly reduced.

Additional acceleration reduction can be obtained by adding damping capacity to the isolators (energy dissipation).

Seismic Bearing Systems

To solve a wide range of connection problems between bridge beams or decks and piers, under earthquake or wind loads, dampers or shock transmission devices can be both connected to the standard bearings to make a single device, compact and efficient. This kind of solution assure small dimensions, reduced weight and a very easy installation.