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Buffered Oversize File Folders Archival & Library Solutions

Dutco Tennant LLC offers best in class solutions and products for Archival supplies comprising acid-free, pH-neutral Archival Storage boxes, folders, and other products. The supplies ensure the safest storage possible for your most valued items. If you are looking to preserve a famous painting, a photograph, or a treasured photo, you will find the perfect archival supplies with us at Dutco Tennant LLC. Customers come to us to look for archival supplies for their books, documents, photographs, paintings, artworks, and more. We have years of experience in selling documents and other preservation supplies and as industry experts, we can provide you products and solutions that will adequately preserve your library items. With us, you can be sure to get the highest-quality archival boxes, cases, and other items on the market. Additionally, we try to provide you solutions with highly competitive pricing so that you know that you are getting the best products at affordable prices. Dutco Tennant LLC has been the leading supplier of archival storage products for government, libraries, institutional archives, museums, historical societies, universities, colleges, galleries, and other collectors for many decades.

Gaylord Archival® Buffered Oversize File Folders (10-Pack) are ideal for organizing fragile materials and large paper collections in boxes, map cases or flat files. Expansion folders made from a single sheet, with multiple grooves on the flaps. The folders can be delivered with loose or pre-struck base reinforcements. This prevents the originals from being archived against external damages that can get caused due to bending. This minimal enhancement increases the value-for-money aspect to a great degree. Folders are the most economical storage equipment. Like storage boxes, folders should be chemically stable and made of lignin-free stock. For most paper artifacts, folders buffered with an alkaline material is recommended. But certain objects such as blueprints are alkali sensitive and for conserving them pH neutral lignin-free unbuffered folders are recommended by conservators. Each folder should be a little larger than the sheets inside. To keep smaller folders from getting lost among larger ones, all folders should be cut to near the size of the drawer or box. Works of art with delicate surfaces, fragile sheets, or very large or thick objects should have individual folders. Other materials of similar size may share a folder. Smaller objects should be housed apart so that they are not overlooked in a stack. Acidic or otherwise chemically unstable materials should definitely be interleaved so that they do not cause contact staining or deterioration.