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No one likes to walk into a changing room which has slippery floors, no clothes lockers to store your personal belongings and no place to sit and relax. This kind of changing facility can implement a bad impression of your business. Hence it is very important for your room to satisfy the requirements of your customers and create a more functional space. We provide a wide range of quality furniture that is essential for your changing room.

We provide changing room products which are ideal for use in changing room facilities at different places such as hotels, universities, schools, gyms, leisure centers, and swimming pools. These products including toilet cubicle & changing room lockers have been made with different materials which have been selected for wet or dry environments. These products have been designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial organizations, in addition to sports facilities, hospitals, and schools.

Various Changing Room Products:

In the benches category, we provide steel benches and wooden benches which come in different sizes as per project requirement. These benches can be used for making multiple people sit at the same time. We provide strong and robust changing room benches in various styles. From single bench to wall-mounted benches we have everything.

Along with comfortable seating options, you also need to have proper solutions where everyone can store their personal belongings. Hence, we offer a wide range of lockers that are suitable for storing clothes, wallets, phones, and keys. Our clothes lockers are available in different sizes, colors, number of doors and sections. Our other product Lockers is available in varying heights and tier arrangements. They are arranged in dedicated cabinets, in large numbers, in various private & public places such as workplaces, sports facilities, fun parks, colleges, middle and high schools, locker rooms, transport hub, and other places. We provide these lockers in three materials: laminate, mesh and sheet steel.

Toilet cubicles are provided for use in outdoor parks, swimming pools, commercial & industrial buildings, office complexes, shopping malls, restrooms in the hospitality sector, public buildings, railways, airport & other buildings. These cubicles consist of high pressure laminated solid panels along with metal fittings.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading provider of changing room products including restroom stalls & dressing rooms in the Middle East & Gulf region. We have supplied a variety of changing room products in UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, & Northern Emirates), Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

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Toilet Cubicle

Toilet Cubicle