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Partial discharge is a very common sign of an insulation breakdown in the power cables as well as cable accessories that can result in expensive repairs and long-term outages. Partial discharge can be the result of weak spots in a cable insulation(like voids, particles or cracks). Partial discharge can also be caused by severe damage to your cables during installation.

Partial discharge monitoring system helps in detecting the main cause of failures in an insulated electrical equipment. Partial discharge is referred as the first root causes of failure in an insulated electrical asset like transformers, underground cables etc. and degradation.

As partial discharge is present and therefore through the usage of cable partial monitoring system you can detect equipment failure in advance. Constant monitoring of partial discharge allows users to repair or even replace effected electrical assets much before its failure for ensuring safety. Cable partial discharge monitoring system can boost reliability to its users. Online partial discharge monitoring system can allow asset managers for constantly monitor criticality of equipment condition under very normal load but without interrupting operation service.

The new methods of partial discharge detection allow for constant and online monitoring of your high-voltage electrical assets like gas insulated substations (GIS),underground & insulated cables along with transformers.

The latest signal processing technique used in PD monitoring can:

  • Eliminate electrical noise but without abandoning signal band
  • Automatically it can determine the location of partial discharges
  • Differentiates every partial discharge producing source
  • Assess the criticality of defect

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Cable Partial Discharge Monitoring System

Cable Partial Discharge Monitoring System