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Irrigation pumps are used to pump water from a lower to a higher level from which the water then flows through channels to the field requiring irrigation or to raise it to the required pressure head so that it can be sprayed on the field via piping systems. The heads involved range from approximately 1 meter for normal lift operation to 40 meters for sprinkling. In special cases, heads exceeding 100 meters may be required. The flow rate varies according to the area to be irrigated, the nature of the soil, the type of crop cultivated and the climate.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides CR vertical multistage centrifugal in-line pumps. These CR vertical, multistage, centrifugal in-line pump family works for multiple requirements including Irrigation & Landscaping. These pumps are fit for other applications as well and they can handle every kind of liquid.

What are the typical applications of these pumps?

Along with Irrigation & Landscaping, the CR is available in millions of different configurations with four modules: Motors, Shaft Seals, Pump modules, and Connections.

We have a long expertise in understanding clients’ requirements, and we follow a “mix and match” modular approach so that you can design a pump that meets your exact requirements. For every module, we test, qualify and document, and we do it for any other standard pumps.

Our basic CR pump range is available in different matters: Cast Iron, two grades of Stainless Steel, and Titanium. These pumps have thirteen flow sizes which can offer up to 180 m3/h at 50 bar, with varying Shaft Seals, rubber materials and supply voltages.

We also have highly-efficient “E” version pumps, our pumps have a built-in frequency converter or an external frequency converter (CUE). Combining the very best pump technology and the highly-efficient motors and variable speed drives, it makes the best use of energy.

Key features which are difficult to find elsewhere:

  • They have a balanced Shaft Seal.
  • Made with wear-resistant bearing material.
  • They have Laser-welded impellers.
  • We provide energy-optimized pumps.
  • They are Premium efficiency IE3/IE4 class motors.
  • Easy servicing and less downtime.
  • Pumps resistant to high pressure and high temperature.
  • Can handle various difficult liquids.

Where can you use them?

They are the best choice for use in Irrigation & Landscaping. Our standard pumps are just fit for pumping waters even for light treatment. Get our standard CR or the CRI water pump today. We have a solution for multiple industries.

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