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Chilled Water Dosing System for Water Treatment Disinfection & Dosing Systems

The common air-conditioning practice used in Dubai and most of UAE is the Chilled Water System. In a chilled water system (recirculating closed loop), water is circulated throughout the building to chilled water coils where the air is passed through and is returned to the room as cooled air.

Water Cooled Chillers operate in a closed-loop system which means water is recirculated for a long period of time and only through proper water treatment can we assure that water is the preferred quality. As Dutco Tennant is an expert with water treatment for chiller units in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the whole of UAE, we are aware of how untreated chilled water with its impurities can cause a decrease in efficiency, increase in cost and promote breakage in equipment and pipeline by scaling, corrosion and microbial growth.

As Dutco Tennant Offers Water Treatment Products and services for Treatment of Chilled Water (Closed Loop) System, we also provide dosing systems to be used for dosing the needed chemicals. Conductivity is a major parameter considered for these systems and our chilled water controllers are mostly conductivity based that doses the feed corrosion inhibitor and controls bleed as such.

Dutco Tennant’s Chilled Water Dosing Controller is a microprocessor-based feed and bleeds toroidal conductivity controller that are designed for controlling conductivity and feed inhibitor in cooling tower systems. Featuring innovative toroidal sensor technology, an economical control platform is provided that is not susceptible to sensor fouling and never requires calibration. The need for routine sensor removal and cleaning is virtually eliminated if it .

The closed-loop controller measures the conductivity of the recirculating water via a toroidal conductivity sensor. The controller activates two independent relay outputs based on bleed and a selectable feed mode of operation. The Chilled Water Dosing System conductivity controller has a 0 - 9,999 μS/cm range, making it ideal for other applications as well, such as rinse, industrial process, wastewater, etc.


  • Selectable Rising or falling setpoint for open or closed-loop control.
  • Water Meter Pulse Timer
  • Percent timer.
  • % post bleed timer.
  • Limit timer.
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