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Cooling Tower Dosing Systems Water Treatment Disinfection & Dosing Systems

Dutco Tennant is a water treatment expert and a certified cooling water treatment chemical and solution supplier here in Dubai and UAE, we are aware of how untreated water with impurities can cause a decrease in efficiency, increase in cost and promote breakage in equipment and pipeline by SCALING, CORROSION, and MICROBIAL GROWTH. These three things would be the main concern for your cooling tower system and to keep them at bay, inhibitors are used.

Dutco Tennant, as one of the most reputed cooling tower water treatment provider in Dubai and the whole of UAE, have a range of scale and corrosion inhibitor for cooling tower water treatment in order to cater to specific requirements of the chiller. Aside from our corrosion and scale inhibitors, we are a complete cooling water treatment chemical provider, we also supply biocides which are also crucial in order to ensure that our system is not contaminated and as per municipality requires establishments to ensure no bacteria such as Legionella is present in the cooling systems.

As Dutco Tennant Offers Water Treatment Products and services for Treatment of Cooling Tower (Condenser Water) System, we also provide dosing systems to be used for dosing the needed chemicals for the Cooling Tower Recirculation Water. Conductivity is a major parameter considered for these systems and our cooling tower controllers that controls the feed of the corrosion inhibitors and biocides for the condenser water.

Dutco’s Cooling Tower System Dosing System makes life simpler as it is programmed so that the controller will be easier to control and operate and it has a software that utilizes an intuitive user interface. The cooling tower controller Dutco supplies accurate measurement which is achieved by its toroidal probe, which is factory-calibrated and maintenance-free.


  • Toroidal conductivity sensor.
  • One-point calibration.
  • Large easy to read color display.
  • Lockable front cover.
  • Multiple level security codes.
  • Up to 10 digital inputs.
  • Dry contact alarm output.
  • Battery backup.
  • eServiceReport compatible.

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