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Water Treatment Cooling Tower Water Treatment
Water Treatment Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

The function of a cooling system is to remove heat from processes or equipment. Water, heated as a result of this, is then either discharged at the increased temperature into a receiving body (once-through cooling system) or it can be cooled and reused (recirculating – open or closed – system).

Cooling Towers are used to cool the water that absorbs heat from the compressor and condenser of a chiller. These equipment are exposed to the environment and it uses the concept of evaporative cooling. Water is cycled for saving cost and consumption. Cooling Tower Water is prone to high dissolved solids contents because when water is evaporated, the concentration of the solids increases, therefore, a certain amount of water (blowdown) has to be removed and be replaced by fresh-water supply (makeup water). Aside from the water treatment for the water that is already cycled, makeup water treatment must also be done as we are adding this water into the already treatment system.

As Dutco Tennant is a water treatment expert and a certified cooling water treatment chemical and solution supplier here in Dubai and UAE, we are aware of how untreated water with impurities can cause a decrease in efficiency, increase in cost and promote breakage in equipment and pipeline by SCALING, CORROSION, and MICROBIAL GROWTH. These three things would be the main concern for your chilled water system and to keep them at bay, inhibitors are used.

Ducto Tennant, as one of the most reputed cooling tower water treatment provider in Dubai and the whole of UAE, have a range of scale and corrosion inhibitor for cooling tower water treatment in order to cater to specific requirements of the chiller. Aside from our corrosion and scale inhibitors, we are a complete cooling water treatment chemical provider, we also supply biocides which are also crucial in order to ensure that our system is not contaminated and as per municipality requires establishments to ensure no bacteria such as Legionella is present in the cooling systems.

Our cooling and chilled water treatment solution here in Dubai can do more than just protect your cooling water systems from corrosion, deposits, and microbiological growth. They maximize the life of your cooling water system while keeping ENERGY, WATER, and MAINTENANCE costs to a minimum and that makes Dutco Tennant standout not only as a water treatment chemical supplier but as a complete water treatment solution provider here in Dubai and the whole of UAE.

We have a wide range of cooling tower chemical supply and other performance chemicals for different applications in order to cater to all systems and operational requirements. Each system will be different therefore our team will provide free site visits and inspections in order to provide you with the best solution taking into consideration our clients’ needs.

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