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Industrial Dampers are critical equipment in various places of the ducting system from the boiler to the chimney. They can be used for isolation or flow control. Different designs can be used to give 100% seal tightness for man-safe operations.


Dampers are designed on the basis of
  • Design and Operating values of the medium temperature, pressure and flow rate
  • Composition and nature of the medium flowing in the ductwork
  • Dust content in the medium
  • Special requirements with regard to installation
  • Space availability etc.
Each Damper is custom built to suit the application in question with regard to
  • The temperature ranging from -65°C to +1200°C
  • Choice of material and composition
  • Steel part and steel quality

Types of Dampers

  • Butterfly
  • Louver
  • Guillotine
  • Slide Gate
  • Diverter / Eccentric