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DI Non Rising Stem Gate Valve, Spigot End Potable Water

Dutco Tennant LLC is famous supplier of potable water DI non rising stem Gate valves of Spigot End type in the Middle East and GCC region. We are into this business since four decades and have supplied different types of potable water equipment for different projects. We are one of the prominent non rising Gate valves suppliers in this region.

The non rising Stem spigot end gate valve  that we supply come with built-in safety features, and have wedge that is fully vulcanized with drinking water approved EPDM rubber compound. They have cast iron, steel, copper or other material’s body, strong wedge, and high strength stem,   which offers outstanding durability. The Gate valves are protected against corrosion and are highly reliable.

Benefits of Spigot End Gate Valves:

The spigot end vate valves are suitable in a variety of applications including asbestos cement pipe installations. The spigot ends fit in the REKA couplings for connecting the pipes. In these coupling, there is rubber sealing at the both ends. The di spigot end valve and the pipe are pushed together without using any tools or bolts. These kind of valves are suitable for replacing old valves where cutting the pipe is necessary.

The DEWA, SEWA, FEWA approved spigot end gate valves that we supply are smooth in operations resulting in durability. They are designed according to the industry standards so that they are safe to use and give long time service. They are full bore, offer low operating torque and come with industry standard coatings.

We collaborate with all major non rising spigot end gate valves manufacturers in the Middle East and GCC region to bring you the best potable water solution as per your requirement.


  • Wedge of ductile iron fully vulcanized with EPDM rubber
  • Full bore
  • No water leakage
  • Free maintenance.
  • Operating torque value is low
  • Hand wheel and electrical actuator operated
  • Satisfies ISO, UNE, DIN, NF, BS and AWWA standards
  • Fully resistant to corrosion
  • Blue fusion bonded Non Toxic epoxy coating
  • Spigot ends


Body EN GJS 500/7 (GGG-50)
Bonnet EN GJS 500/7 (GGG-50)
Shaft SS 316, SS316L, AISI-420
DN 50/300
PN 10/16/25
Coating Internally & Externally Epoxy Coated