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Earth Rods Electricity Transmission & Distribution

Earth rods, also known as grounding rods or earthing rods, are essential components in electrical systems designed to safely dissipate excess electrical current into the ground.


  • IEEE 80/81
  • BS 4360 (Steel)

Length of the rod excluding tapered bottom

  • 1220 mm

Additional components used

  • Earth Clamp, Driving Head and Coupling


  • Earth Rod made of low carbon steel with high tensile strength of 600 N/mm2 and Grade 43A with copper cladding molecularly bonded to steel.
  • Copper cladding thickness -0.35 mm
  • Capable of being bent through 90 deg. at radius of 100 mm without copper fracture and any effects on bonding
  • Threads rolled on to the rod, uniform copper covering is maintained even at the root of the threads.
  • Extensible type and tapered bottom.


  • An earth rod’s only purpose is to have a designed electrical path to dissipate a static discharge voltage (such as Lightning) to earth.