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Strain Clamp Electricity Transmission & Distribution
  • Standard : BS 3288
  • Material : Aluminium alloy with steel bolts, U-bolts, pins and washers
  • Minimum Failing Load : 70 kN


  • Clamp suitable for heavy duty. U bolts and washers suitable for use with AAAC conductor.
  • Hot dip galvanizing on bolts and nuts as per BS EN ISO 1461.


Strain Clamps are designed for use with AAC, AAAC or ACSR Conductor and to connect the power cable to the insulator.

They are used where it is not desired to cut the conductor at tension points in alternative to the compression type dead-end. They can be used for practically all system voltages with reasonably high mechanical and slip strength.

The suspension/strain clamps protect the cable when installation loads, control the motion of position of conductor against wind with oscillation, vibration, and reduce electrical stress. The release of specified load is controlled by axial grip, which can be precisely adjusted to withstand the required force of high voltage electrical aerial cable.

The high voltage suspension assembly can be offered with socket eye, pole fitting, u-clevis, socket clevis according to customer’s requirement.