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Marine Duty Motors Electricity Transmission & Distribution

Marine motors are designed for wet, moist, and corrosive environments. The marine motor design adopts a corrosion-proof frame which allows the motor to be operated normally even when the motor gets wet. In addition, a space heater is used to remove the moisture in the motor when the motor is frequently started in a moist environment after a long period of non-use.


  • Corrosion-proof frame
  • Reliable insulation system
  • Superior durability and environmental characteristics
  • Low-noise and low vibration
  • Excellent operational features
  • Thruster motor for ships
  • Highly-efficient and low-power start
  • Excellent motor control and superior compatibility with protection equipment

Scope of Production

Range Speed Frequency
0.4KW to 20000KW 2P,4P,6P,8P 50 to 60 Hz


  • Motors for suction and discharge pumps on dredgers
  • J Motors for bow and azimuth thrusters,
  • electrical motors for onboard pumps, fans, compressors as well as various winches and mooring systems