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Fire Water Tanks - Steel / Aluminium Sub Stations & Power Plants

Galvanised Liquistore / Firestore

For standard fire sprinkler water storage applications or general industrial water storage requirements, the Liquistore ® / Firestore ® tank is a cost effective solution.

Using site assembled components, consisting of overlapped and bolted galvanised steel panels with either a trough deck or aluminium sectional site assembled cover, together with an internal, open top membrane liner, the Liquistore ® / Firestore ® offers a truly long life and low maintenance water storage system.

Standard tanks are available in capacities from 10m³ (2,200 UK gallons) to 2,222m³ (488,840 UK gallons) and in diameters from 3.06m to 21.39m and heights from 1.25m to 13.26m. Non-standard and larger size tanks are available upon request.

Firestore ® tanks are approved by the UK Loss Prevention Certification Board and Factory Mutual Assurance of the United States of America for storage of fire sprinkler water and by the UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme for the storage of potable water under the name Liquistore®.

Aluminium Liquistore / Firestore

The tank is of cylindrical bolted construction, made from EN 48S-2 Type EN AW 5083- H22 aluminium alloy with aluminium angle strengthening hoops of Grade 6082-T4 at the top and bottom, and is supplied with an aluminium low profile sectional cover incorporating a ball valve housing and access way.

In addition the tank is fitted with an open top internal membrane liner. The assembled tank is clamped down with anchor bolts fixed to the base.

All tanks are normally supplied complete with external aluminium hooped access ladder (beginning approximately 2.4m from tank base), aluminium hand railing around the access platform, calibrated contents gauge, 25mm warning overflow, 80mm drain valve and other connections as required.

Standard tanks are available in capacities from 20m3 (4,400 UK gallons) to over 5000m3(1,100,000 UK gallons), diameters from 3.06m to 32.17m and heights from 2.477m to 13.26m. Tanks can be supplied on a specially designed steel support structure at any specified height above ground level. Non-standard and larger sizes in other tank materials and cover types can be built to suit particular applications.

Our standard Liquistore ® is designed to withstand normal UK conditions when fully complete and filled. Non-standard designs are available to meet particular criteria. Fully complete but unfilled, the standard Liquistore ® will normally withstand moderate wind loadings. Actual performance will depend upon tank configuration and diameter to height ratio. Where a Liquistore ® is expected to be subject to particularly severe conditions, or to be regularly in the unfilled condition, additional strengthening will be provided.

Approved by the UK Loss Prevention Certification Board for fire sprinkler water storage under the name Firestore ®. Fire approval is also held by Factory Mutual Assurance of the United States of America. Drinking water storage approval is held under the UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.

We also offer Rectangular shaped tanks

For small to medium capacities of water storage, where space is at a premium, the Tritainer ®/ Firetainer ® tank offers a cost effective solution.

Using triangular shaped galvanised steel panels which make up 1.0m2 modules that are then bolted together on site, a rapidly assembled rectangular tank that can fit into small and difficult spaces can be provided. Internally a hot vulcanised tailor made membrane liner is fitted to the tank. Any length and width can be catered for, with a maximum height of 2.575m.

Firetainer ® tanks are approved by the UK Loss Prevention Certification Board for the storage of fire sprinkler water.


Ease and speed of installation
  • Use of hydraulic jacks
  • Simplicity of foundations
  • No need for support steel work or dwarf walls