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Fire Survival Wiring Sub Stations & Power Plants

Fire Survival Cable System – provides the ideal solution to many difficult and demanding wiring installations making a permanent and dependable wiring cable system for all low and medium voltage applications. Safe in hazardous installations and radioactive environments. Exceeds all world wide fire performance standards. The MI Cable System is the natural choice for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.


  • Fireproof
  • High Operating Temperatures
  • Inherent Flameproof Barrier
  • Zero Energy
  • Non-Ageing
  • Great Mechanical Strength
  • Small Overall Diameter
  • Pliable
  • Wiring Cable and Conduit Combined
  • Competitive Installed Cost
  • High Degree of Electrical Screening
  • Radiation Resistant
  • Integral Earth Continuity
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Waterproof


Range: Two voltage grades – 500 and 750 Volts, are available with conductors from 1.0 sq.mm to 240 sq.mm. Our full range of complementary accessories and tools provides a complete wiring system that surpasses most of the international standards.


  • Mineral Insulated Fire Cables survives the fire test requirements for enhanced grade cables as defined in BS 5839: part 1.
  • Peace of mind from the third party (LPCB) approval for categories C, W and Z in BS 6387.
  • Also attains categories C, W and Z of BS 6387 with one single cable sample.