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Globe Solenoid Valve For Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture

Precise throttling for high-pressure systems are offered by globe valves and they are perfectly suited for the most demanding process applications which have a wide range of extreme temperatures. Globe Valves are named so because of their spherical shape of the body. They are occasionally known as the ‘Up and over Valve’ and this versatile valve is used for regulating flow infrequent and throttling operation applications. With an opening inside the body, the seat is formed on to which the disc is screwed for closing the valve. This comes with a slightly higher pressure drop than straight through valves like a gate or ball valves if it is used for on/off duty. These valves are uni-directional and need to be installed in the correct flow positions. These valves have several advantages. One of the most appreciated advantages is the precise throttling for high-pressure systems. The operator needs to manually turn the handle and stem continuously for ensuring that the valve is completely closed or opened and this takes a longer operating time.

Globe Valves are mainly suited for the most demanding process applications. They can be used in systems that call for frequent vacuum, stroking, and systems having a wide range of extreme temperatures. Globe valves can also be used for liquid systems and gas. They are not meant for high purity or slurry systems as inherent cavities can promote contamination and slow slurry material for getting trapped. This can disable the operation of the valve. Globe solenoid valves can be found in a wide range of alloy and metal constructions and also plastics for covering a wide spectrum of industrial applications. Proper material compatibility depends on the concentration, type, and temperature of the media.

Dutco Tennant LLC can supply you with an advanced range of Globe Solenoid Valve For Agriculture and Horticulture.


  • 2-way GLOBE valves.
  • 1" , 1 1/2” female thread BSP.
  • Kit for manual opening with 1/4" lever turn.
  • Valve body made of nylon 6.6 with 30% fibreglass.
  • Permanently clean because of the built-in steel mesh filter.
  • Assembled with screws and stainless steel spring.
  • EPDM diaphragms reinforced with fabric.
  • 24 VAC solenoid (SEE OPTIONS).
  • Working temperature between 2 and 80 degrees.
  • Recommended working pressure of 1 to 10 bar.
  • Opening and closing response time of 0.5 seconds.
  • Resistance test carried out for 25,000 cycles at 15 bar and 80 degrees.
  • Built-in flow regulator.
  • Flow range between 38 and 240 l/min.
  • Removable from the upper section for repair or replacement of parts.
  • Complies with standard UNE 68-074-86/ISO 7714.4