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Inverter duty motor changes the input of the motor as desired and controls the speed and torque over a wide range and even making it possible to precisely control speed and torque at low frequencies.

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  • Easy and precise control at low frequencies (with built-in encoder)
  • Superior control characteristics
  • Reliable insulation system
  • Increased strength against the inverter switching surge voltage
  • Compatible with the standard motor‘s frame
  • Strengthened compatibility with the inverter
  • Highly-efficient and low-power start
  • Cooling characteristics suitable for inverter operation
Kilowatt 0.4kW ~ 10,000kW 0.4kW ~ 10,000kW
Speed (RPM) 4 Pole 6 pole
Frequency Range 5Hz To 50Hz 5Hz To 50Hz
  • Scalor Inverter duty motors (V/F control)
  • Vector Inverter duty motors (HV2, HV2, HV3, HV5)