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IPS Expansion Bellows Irrigation Pumping Station

In any piping system, expansion joints or expansion bellows are used for absorbing thermal expansion or the terminal movement in which the use of expansion loops is not advisable or completely impractical. Expansion Joints can be found in several materials and shapes.

Metallic Expansion Bellows

These are installed in duct systems and piping for preventing damage due to vibration, thermal growth, pressure thrust, and other mechanical forces. There is a wide range of metallic bellow designs in a wide variety of materials. The options vary from the simplest convoluted bellows that are used in petroleum refineries. In the case of materials, there are several types of high-grade nickel alloy steels and stainless steel. Any pipe which can connect the two points can have several types of action that may result in stresses on the pipe, like internal or external pressure at working temperature, the weight of the pipe and the parts which are supported on it, the movement which is imposed on pipe sections by external restraints, and thermal expansion.

Rubber Expansion Bellows

They are flexible connectors that are fabricated from synthetic or natural elastomers and fabrics having metallic reinforcements that are designed to offer stress relief in piping systems because of the thermal changes. When into the piping system itself, the flexibility for this movement cannot be designed, an expansion joint is termed as the ideal solution. Rubber expansion joints make way for torsional, lateral, and angular movements which can prevent damage and undue the downtime of plant operations. Various problems like noise, vibration, corrosion, shock, abrasion, stresses, movement of equipment can be solved by special constriction of the rubber joints.

Teflon Expansion Bellows

Expansion Joints made up of Teflon are widely accepted mainly in the chemical processing industry, piping applications in which highly corrosive chemicals and acids are being handles and commercial heating and air conditioning systems like pump connectors and a strategic point throughout a system. They can be used to compensate for misalignment, movement, axial travel, pipe vibrations, and angular deflection.

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  • Absorbs axial, lateral, and angular movements
  • Must be properly guided
  • Does not restrain the pressure thrust
  • Requires main and directional anchors