It is a general fact that almost every building is restrained until a certain degree. For absorbing the thermal expansion and contracting construction materials, expansion joints are used. An example of this strain is the expansion of building materials in hot weather and their contraction when it is cold. According to the magnitude of temperature change, thermal stresses vary. High stress on the building can be resulted by large temperature variations which must be addressed during the design phase.

In any building construction, an expansion joint is a mid-structure separation that is designed for relieving stress on building materials which are caused by building movement induced by - thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes, sway caused by wind, seismic events, static load deflection and live load deflection. as the joint bisects the entire structure, a gap is marked by it through all the assemblies of the building like decks, walls, plazas or split slab concourses, roofs, foundation floors and walls, planters and green roofs, along with fire-rated demising walls and floors, interior floors and others. To restore the fireproofing, waterproofing, soundproofing, roof membrane, air barrier, trafficable surface, and all the other function of the building elements, this gap requires to be filled. With expansion joints, these gaps can be bridged and the building assembly functions are restored while accommodating expected movements. Expansion joints efficiently absorb vibration, it holds parts of construction materials together and allows for the movement of the material because of ground settlement or earthquakes. It also ensures that easy movement of live loads adding to isolation from water and moisture. In several building parts, expansion joints can be incorporated for providing complete separation like ceilings, floors, roofs, walls, and facades. They can also be placed floor to wall, floor to floor, wall to wall, ceiling to wall, ceiling to ceiling, roof to roof, or roof to wall. They can serve multiple purposes at a single time. These joints basically isolate a frame into a series of segments having enough joint width for allowing the thermal expansion of the building. Expansion joints also offer relief from contraction cracking by isolating the segments and so it also acts in a dual role as a contraction joint and an expansion joint.

Certain criteria which are highly likely to be fulfilled by expansion joints -

  • High load-carrying capacity.
  • Leak prevention by water-tightness in the joint and its connection at every side.
  • Suitability for pedestrian traffic.
  • Aggressive substance resistance.
  • Reduced vibrations in delicate goods facilities.
  • Should be pleasing to the eye.

Application of expansion joints

Shopping Malls

The visitors and customers of the mall shall not be bothered by the mundane structural details. A wide varied range of colors is available in the market with several fabrication materials like aluminum and stainless steel. They are extremely durable, rich in quality which can be easily incorporated into any kind of architectural concept.

Parking Areas and Ramps

Being resistant to significant chemical contamination from petrol, de-icing salt, and oil, expansion joints are also to withstand every type of weather.

Food factories, Laboratories, and Hospitals

In such facilities, hygiene is a key element and innovative expansion joint design makes way for thorough and easy cleaning which is highly important.

Chemical Factories

It is required to carefully select the materials required to be used in manufacturing expansion joints for chemical factories. By using highly resistant materials, resistance to chemical substances can also be achieved.

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