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Butterfly Valve Maritime & Energy
Butterfly Valve Maritime
Butterfly Valve Dutcotennant

Butterfly Valves are Bi – Directional Quick Shut off Valves and are available in Concentric, Double Eccentric Design. End connections available in Lug or Wafer orMonoflange and Double Flanged Type, they are available in various material of construction like Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Exotic Steel Materials.

Butterfly valves are used in many industrial applications including Marine, Oil& Gas,Pipelines, Power, Tank Farms and also services such as corrosive and cryogenic.


  • Size : 2” to 24”
  • Rating : ANSI / DIN /JIS
  • Concentric & Double Eccentric Design
  • Replaceable Liner/ Bonded Liner
  • Bi Directional
  • Design Std : EN 593/ API609
  • Face to Face as per EN 558 series
  • End Connection : Wafer/ Lugged/ Mono-Flanged/ Double Flanged suitable to mount between ANSI/ BS/ DIN/ JIS Flanges.
  • Lever/ Gear Operated
  • Material : Cast Iron / Ductile Iron/ Carbon Steel / Stainless steel / Alu Bronze

Otherson Request

  • High Performance Design (PTFE/CFT seat)
  • Extended Spindle
  • Locking Arrangement
  • Higher Sizes
  • Pneumatic/ Motor Operated
  • Seat/ Liner material as suitable for given application/Service.
  • Special Material