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Multi Layer PPR Pipe & Fitting Plumbing Products

Using high thermal resistant polypropylene as a raw material combined with a package of particularly oxidation-resistant additives, has allowed the Aquatechnik laboratories to create a 3-layers pipe with an intermediate layer made of special fibres that reduce linear thermal expansion by up to 75% compared to single layer PP-R pipes. These features also allow the wall thickness to be reduced, thus increasing flow rate by more than 20% for the faser FIBER-T and more than 40% for the faser FIBE-COND compared to SDR 6 single layer pipes.

The constant attention to the demands and requirements of the market has led to the creation of special production which enables to realize manifolds and special parts on specific project demands.

Fields of use

PP-RCT HOR is especially recommended when creating sanitary, mechanical, compressed air, technological fluids systems. The large diameter range and the wide choice of pipes allow the system to be used in the most varied fields in the civil, industrial and service sectors for hydro-sanitary, heating, irrigation and compressed air systems.

Standards and Certifications

Product in compliance with the most important international standards, including EN ISO 15874, DIN 8077/8078, ASTM. Compliant with all organoleptic standards for potable water transport, hot and cold potable fluids transport, human consumption, heating, cooling and compressed air. The fusio-technik system has also obtained certification from the most important bodies in Europe and in the world. The first IIP certified fibre-reinforced PP-R pipe.

Structure of pipe

  • Material: PP-RCT HOR / PP-RF/ PP-R (polypropylene copolymer – Random crystallinity Temperature High Oxidation Resistance / Polypropylene copolymer – Random fibre-reinforced / polypropylene copolymer – Random super 80)
  • Range: S3.2 from Ø 20 to 125 mm; S 5 from Ø 160 to 315 mm, other sizes available on request