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UV Resistant Pipe & Fitting Plumbing Products

UVRES PIPE, PP-RCT/PP-RF/PP-R, multilayer pipe with intermediate layer loaded with special fibers for transporting hot and cold drinking and non-drinking water.

A unique solution for pipe installations outside, that REQUIRES NO SCRAPPING before welding the pipe, due to the UV protection extruded on the external layer of the pipe self, saving labour hours and ensuring ease of assembly. The only approved industrial strength pipe of its, made with long term durability to high temperature and pressure application (PP-RCT) that enables long term UV protection. The resistance to UV degradation has been increased with the addition of a very innovative UV stabilizer additive system.

The UV resistant pipes was evaluated with an accelerated aging test with an artificial “weather-o meter” equipment. The test was run for 15.000 hours.

Fields of use

The fusio-technik faser UVRES pipes can be used in various applications. It is recommended for construction of plants for the conveyance of hot and cold drinking water, chemical products (after consultation with our technical offices), construction of naval plants, destined to agriculture and above all to application directly exposed to sunlight.

Standards and certifications

Product in compliance with the most important international standards, including EN ISO 15874, DIN 8077/8078, ASTM F2389. Compliant with all organoleptic standards for the transport of hot and cold drinking water, heating, cooling and compressed air. The fusio-technik system has also obtained certification from the most important bodies in Europe and in the world. The first IIP certified fibre-reinforced PP-R pipe. Certifications available on request

Structure of pipe

Raw material : PP-RCT (WOR) / PP-RF / PP-R with external layer in PP-R mixed with special additives that warranties ultraviolet radiation protection, ensuring high resistance and durability to direct sunlight exposure

Series :

  • S 3.2 from Ø 20 to 125 mm,
  • S 5 from Ø 160 to 315 mm

Colour :

  • external: black
  • intermediate: grey
  • inner: white