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Online Emmiters For Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture

The PE pipe has been supplied without any drippers inserted in for inline drip irrigation and it can conventionally need manual insertion of the drippers to the outer wall of the pipe. The key advantage of this method is that it can work with the plants that are not placed with equal space like the drippers are inserted manually right at the required point. As another advantage of this, the drippers are accessible from the outer side of the pipe, several types of online drip emitters can also offer manual adjustment of each dripper flow, the ability to clean or easily replace a dripper whenever needed. These features can allow the dripper control along with a customized experience. The only drippers will also have a con that is that when you insert the drippers, it is a very tough task which will effectively raise the cost and limit the size of the irrigation system installation. Due to these reasons, online drip emitters are mostly used for greenhouses, in-house gardens, or other types of small-scale and gardening applications in which the cost of manual labor can be easily justified.


  • Perfectly suited for undulating terrain or systems having a large variety of pressure
  • Offers superior flow from 15 to 50 psi
  • The perfect material for long-term exposure to ag chemicals
  • Use distribution tubing for directing water for maximum accuracy
  • Cost-saving installation
  • A superior flush of debris when the system is activated
  • Three-dimensional geometry for keeping grit in suspension as it moves through the emitter
  • Cost-saving installation
  • Puts water at the desired spot
  • Comes with a compact design for low cost
  • Color-coded outlet barb identifies flow rate
  • Saves energy