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Petrothin Metallography Lab Equipment

The Petrothin Sectioning System is a precise, easy-to-use instrument for re-sectioning and thinning a wide variety of samples, such as rocks and minerals, ceramics, concrete, bone, and teeth for performing materials characterization. Every Petrothin comes with a diamond cutting blade and a diamond grinding cup wheel mounted on one spindle. This eliminates the need to remove the glass slide between steps, increasing accuracy and parallelism. Two precision micrometers are used for controlling re-sectioning and thinning.


  • Features a universal vacuum glass slide chuck which accepts six different sized slides
  • A built-in pump provides a vacuum to insure the glass slide is held in place during preparation.
  • Quick release valve allows an operator to remove a sample any time for microscopic inspection.
  • Innovative, in-line filter system removes any moisture from the vacuum line during use. The filter jar is automatically drained each time the vacuum pump is turned off.
  • A recirculation system (optional) is available for water sensitive materials that require the use of a light oil or ethylene glycol coolants.