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Post Insulators Electricity Transmission & Distribution

Explore the durability and reliability of post insulators for electrical systems. Our high-quality post insulators provide robust insulation solutions, ensuring seamless performance in challenging environments.

  • Standard : IEC 60720
  • Material : Brown Glazed Porcelain for the Insulator and Galvanized Steel for the pin.
  • Min. BendingFailing Load : 12.5 kN
  • Min. Creepage Distance : 530 mm
  • Wet Power Frequency withstand voltage (1 min) : 50 kV
  • Dry Lightning Impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50 µs) : 125 kVp


  • Parallelism between insulator upper surface and base
  • Suitable for heavily polluted area.
  • Pins, Washers and nuts to be hot dip galvanized to BS 729
  • Pin included for fix the line post insulator to cross arm.


  • Similar to Pin Insulator but suitable for lower as well as higher voltages with addition of more petticoats.
  • Conductors are fixed on the top with the help of connector clamps.
  • Suitable for mounting horizontally or vertically. Clamp arrangement in both top and bottom