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Stay Insulators Electricity Transmission & Distribution

Discover the ultimate protection for your home with Stay Insulators. Our cutting-edge insulation solutions ensure a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment.

  • Standard : IEC 60383
  • Material : Brown Glazed Porcelain
  • Min. Mechanical Failing Load : 90 kN
  • Min. Creepage Distance : 76 mm
  • Low Frequency Flashover voltage (Dry) : 40 kV
  • Low Frequency Flashover voltage (Wet) : 22 kV


Suitable for use with galvanized steel wire size of 7/4.0 mm grade 700 or higher Smooth glazed surface and free of defects.


  • For low voltage lines, the stays are to be insulated from ground at a height.
  • Used to prevent stay wires from being energized from accidently broken live wires
  • Provide insulation between stay clamps and transmission poles