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Pressure Reducing Valves Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE)

The 106-PR-SM and 206-PR-SM series control valves are engineered to be used anywhere pressure reducing valve failure is unacceptable. These valves have a second and independent operating system superimposed upon the standard primary system. With the assurance of a back-up system, maintenance schedules may be extended as pressures will continue to be controlled even in the event of failure with the primary system.

Under normal pressure reducing conditions, the primary pilot senses the downstream pressure through a connection at the valve outlet. Under flowing conditions, the pilot reacts to small changes in pressure to control the valve position by modulating the pressure above the diaphragm in the lower operating chamber. The downstream pressure is maintained virtually steady at the pilot set-point that is adjustable.


  • Ideal for applications where failure is not an option
  • Includes a back-up system to protect against diaphragm or pilot failure
  • Reduces unnecessary maintenance
  • Provides downstream surge protection


  • Supply a insert sizeSinger Model specify model as 106/S106/206/S206 – PR-SM Pressure Reducing Control Valve with Integral Back-Up.
  • Quality Assurance :The control valve shall be tested prior to shipment. The standard test shall include a functional stroke, pressure and leak test of valve body, seat, fitted pilots and accessories.
  • The control valve shall be covered by a minimum three (3) year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The AISI 316 stainless steel seat ring shall be covered by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Main Valve-The main valve shall be a Singer specify main valve model number(106/S106/206/S206)-PGM double chamber, dual diaphragm actuated specify (full/reduced) port model