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Have you been looking for various changing room products including restroom stalls & dressing rooms in the Middle East & GCC region? Then you may definitely check out Dutco Tennant LLC. For the last four decades, we have supplied various changing room products and have been contributed behind the infrastructural development of various public and private projects like schools, colleges, shopping malls, offices, stadiums, airports, hospitals. Our construction specialties segment combines a portfolio of products and services for many industrial and engineering segments such as construction, infrastructure, and industrial segments. The scope of our supply includes architectural finishing products, flooring products, seating solutions, and sports & leisure products. Our changing room products including toilet cubicle & changing room lockers have been made with different materials which have been selected for wet or dry environments. These products have been designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial organizations, in addition to sports facilities, hospitals, and schools.

For benches category, we offer steel benches and wooden benches which come in various sizes as per project requirement. Apart from this Lockers are available in varying heights and tier arrangements. They are arranged in dedicated cabinets, in large numbers, in various private & public places such as workplaces, sports facilities, fun parks, colleges, middle and high schools, locker rooms, transport hub, and other places. We also provide toilet cubicles for use in outdoor parks, swimming pools, commercial & industrial buildings, office complexes, shopping malls, restrooms in the hospitality sector, public buildings, railways, airport & other buildings. These cubicles consist of high pressure laminated solid panels along with metal fittings.

We offer changing room products like steel benches as well as wooden with different sizes according to the requirement. We have been supplying best in class benches for the last four decades in the Middle East and GCC region. We take special care of the quality of our products. With our unmatched quality and uncompromised punctuality, we have been winning the hearts of thousands of customers globally. Our products are increasingly growing in every corner of the country. We are looking forward to bring new perspectives to modern furniture. These benches are designed with half circular intersecting legs and there is small spacing for easy removal of water. They are kept visually clean for long-lasting aesthetics. The steel design gives a stunning look and contemporary feel. The bench can be used as a long seat on which multiple people may sit at the same time.

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