We at Dutco Tennant LLC, have been working in this industry for more than 40 years and one question which we have been asked countless times is that are stair nosing profiles important? Well, what would happen if suddenly, all the stair nosing profiles which are available all over the world vanish one fine morning? It can definitely create a lot of problems for you. Being a reputed supplier of architectural finishing profiles Dubai, in this blog, we are going to guide you on why you should be using them.


So here we go.

Complete Value for Money

While there is an investment that you are entitled to while using a stair nosing, but down the road, the profiles tend to pay for themselves. If you don't have any protection on the edges of steps mainly in commercial installations, the edge of the flooring will wear down much faster than the rest of the step and even the actual floor. This is mostly because most people have the tendency of walking on the front surface of the step. When the front of the step gets a raveled and worn out look, it requires to be replaced with new ones. Installing stair nosing profiles is more cost-effective than installing flooring or carpet solutions. Retrofitting a stair nosing on the edge is a great alternative for replacing floor covering. You will simply be choosing an appropriate stair nosing, pull back the flooring or carpet, and install the panel on the edge of the step. The existing flooring on the rest of the step will butt up to the back of the stair nosing and there will be no requirement for installing new flooring. This ultimately also eliminates the problem from happening again.

Completes the looks of your stairs

A great aesthetic finish for the step is also provided by stair nosings. It works like adding the perfectly suited tie to your suit or shoes which can exactly match with your dress. The suit and the dress may have looked okay on their own but with the additional accessory, the look gets more attractive. It will make your installation extraordinary. Stair nosing profiles are available in almost any finish, color, shape, and size. It does not matter that if you are trying to match the contrast or flooring, you shall have no problem for finding the right accessory for your project.

Adds an essential safety feature

Yes, the main function of stair nosing profiles is to offer you safety. any step becomes very much safe when the correct stair nosing has been chosen. Almost all of the stair nosing will either have ridges or an anti-slip property on the tread portion of the profile. This offers a sturdy and solid surface for stepping on instead of the carpet and vinyl's slipper finish. The visual impact of a stair nosing also helps for differentiating the edge of the step from the rest of the tread portion. When the flooring or carpet is not broken by a strong stair nosing, it makes it difficult to find out where the step begins and ends. This makes way for accidents. But with stair nosing profiles, you will no longer need to worry about them.

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