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Stair Nosing Profiles Architectural Finishing Products


Stair nosing profiles range are used for making, defining and protecting the laying of steps in ceramic, marble, stone, etc. It improves safety on steps, protects the edges of the stairs from chipping and cracking, and provides an aesthetically pleasing finishing profile.

It’s available in different heights and suitable in different stair nosing material such as: aluminum, brass, stainless steel, wood and PVC in various finishes, with a grained anti-slip or foot-strip.

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  • Anodized Adjustable Stair Nosing Profiles
  • Decoluxe Laminated Adjustable Stair Nosing Profiles
  • Aluminum Stair Nosing Profiles
  • Brass Stair Nosings
  • PVC Stair Nosings
  • Stainless Steel Stair Nosing
  • Stair Nosing Profile for Ceramic