With the growth of the FRP industries, the number of applications is also growing rapidly. It is no more a secret that this material is favorite along with a wide range of industries and office spaces because of the durability which it offers. For the specialized field which is the medical field, and gets down to the deep insights into why Hygienic FRP Wall Cladding is the choice of material for the medical industry purpose.

FRP materials are not actually new to the medical industry. Due to the incredible durability and low amount of porosity, FRP is used for the creation of sanitary covers for medical instruments, and as it allows X-Rays for passing through it. For making up certain components in an X-ray room, it also has been used. But what are the awesome facts for which are used for pure building material, let's check out.

Made for Harsh Conditions

For many practical applications, FRP Panels are used but it also has proven itself to shine in the harshest environments. For constructing laboratories, chemical plants, correctional facilities, it has been used and has also been used in marine construction, in this case against the weight, the corrosive power of the ocean and pressure its load-bearing capabilities are tested.  But there are several features which make the FRP Panels, the best choice for the medical industry.

Low-porosity material

This is one such quality that has proven to make FRP useful for medical applications in the past. Shield for medical tools that are meant for keeping them sterile and safe are readily constructed using sturdy material as FRP does not absorb environmental additives. The porosity of the material can actually be of huge concern when those environmental additives are bodily fluids as choosing the wrong one cannot make it possible for a sterile environment. The use of FRP panels for building the walls of medical facilities makes way for a sterile environment.

Low weight but robust

Medical facilities need to last long. These are investments that are designed for standing the test of time and with Hygienic FRP Wall Cladding, their lifeline can be extended significantly. Generally, FRP materials have 1.5 - 2.0 density which is around 20% denser than carbon steel. But that is not all, the tensile strength of FRP Panels is more or the same as of carbon steel. For this, the panels are the potential to outlast traditional steel infrastructure.

Cost-Effective option

Being lighter, FRP, therefore, involves much less cost of installation and transport. It can be removed very easily and owing to the lightweight qualities of the product, it will have a slow degrading time compared to traditional steel. This means that you will require less maintenance and more importantly replacement will also be less which will be required over the structure's lifespan course, reducing costs significantly in the long term. Ultimately medical facilities turn into a lower-risk investment.

Resistant to Corrosion

Being resistant to corrosion, FRP Panels will need much lesser maintenance. FRP is a type of plastic that is reinforced with fiberglass and blended with resin. This is naturally resistant to corrosion because of the thermosetting resin which is used often to make it. In a medical facility, harsh chemicals are present everywhere which will actually make this useful.

So with a wide analysis, it can be concluded that FRP is the best possible building material for medical facilities. it promotes a sterile, clean environment that will last longer than traditional materials and will require very less amount of upfront cost and maintenance. In cases of an emergency, will protect both patients and workers. We at Dutco Tennant LLC supply the exceptional Hygienic FRP Wall Cladding range from CRANE Composites to the Middle East. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of premium Hygienic Wall Cladding and Ceiling tiles made from FRP. Crane Composites FRP wall panels combine expertise in composite material science, process, and technology with a deep understanding of End-user needs to deliver innovative products that outperform traditional building material such as Ceramic, Paint, PVC wall cladding & Acrylic panels, metals and woods. We have worked on notable projects like Jebel Ali Resort project and Isolation units for CoVid-19  facility.

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