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Creating a protective envelope for critical areas demands high-performance finishes. That’s where Glasbord® from Crane comes in. Made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), Glasbord® with Surfaseal® is extremely moisture-resistant and non-porous, and offers the ideal hygienic wall covering for Clean room applications.

The Surfaseal® film finish, found only on Glasbord®, provides a barrier that’s highly resistant to impact and scratching. Because of its unique process, the Surfaseal® finish will not trap soil/dirt and provides an Anti-bacterial surface on the panel. The robust panels hold up under frequent maintenance cycles, even with caustic cleaning chemicals such as Spor-Klenz, Process Vesphene and bleach. Glasbord® with Surfaseal® provides tested and proven performance at an affordable price point with a 10-year limited warranty.

Clean room suitable material testing quantifies the value that Surfaseal® adds to the FRP product (Hygienic ISO-846). The cleanroom FRP panels are completed with the use of biological and chemically tested adhesive and seam sealant for wall panel applications.

Replacing traditional FRP moldings, the seam sealant creates a monolithic surface, eliminating potential for penetrating moisture, bacteria, mold, viruses and other agents causing healthcare-associated infections. The end result is a total wall covering system you can trust to protect your clean environments.

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  • Glasbord® with Surfaseal® Smooth FM Global – FSFM - Anti-microbial finish ensures that the surface will not trap soil or bacteria. Glasbord® panels meet USDA/FSIS requirements
  • Polyurethane Seam Sealant: it is an equal-mix, two-component system used to bond and seal a variety of plastics and metals. This sealant is bright white and replaces the conventional division bar for joining Glasbord® wall panels. The seam produced from this sealant forms an impervious seal against moisture penetration and bacteria build-up PARTICLE EMISSION (ISO 14644-1).
  • This sealant system also offers superior durability and sealing integrity over alternative sealing compounds such as the silicone sealant. Once fully cured, the Polyurethane Seam Sealant produces a hard, strong and smooth joint between panels. It is not only water proof, but also resistant against caustic cleaning agents, such as bleach, Spor-Klenz and Process Vesphene.
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Research Laboratories
  • Vivarium
  • Sterile Processing Facilities
  • Operating Rooms
  • Medical facilities
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Hygienic rooms
Clean room products:
  • Glasbord Wall Panels, Smooth,  FM Global – Model: FSFM
  • Polyurethane Seam Sealant
  • Fast Grab Crane Composites Adhesive
  • Advanced Polymer Crane Composites Adhesive
  • Class A Fire rating
  • UL Greenguard Gold certificate
  • USDA / FSIS certifications – Food Safety and Inspection Services.