The aggressive growth in air traffic has given rise to the demand for modern solutions of checkpoint security scanners which offers more efficiency without compromising the experience of the passengers. No matter if it is for leisure or business, passengers at the airport desire a fluid and smooth airport experience. The focus is lying on easing out the journey across the airport and allows the passengers to enjoy the things which the airport can offer. This has emerged as extremely important due to non-aeronautical revenue streams like retail which is becoming important for the financial stability of the airport.

There are some important steps in the journey of passenger –

When you look at the steps of an average passenger’s journey inside the airport, it becomes possible for identifying the main touchpoints –

  • Entering the airport
  • Check-in and luggage drop-off
  • Immigration
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Collection of luggage
  • Transporting from the airport

With the help of a modern range of technologies, many of them have been extremely revolutionized and make way for a much smoother experience for the passenger. One of the best implementations of x-ray baggage scanners has been with self-service bag drop. Many examples of these innovative solutions are found at various airports all over the world and the passengers get accustomed to this service which reduces the time for waiting to drop off luggage considerably. About the already established options of online check-in, this innovation has been evolving naturally.

Another point that got automated is the immigration point. Many of the airports have started to use smarter control systems for borders. Travelers are now allowed to pass via the smart gates which have been installed with RFID scanners which can decrease the wait time significantly. As a result of this, the speed and efficiency of the entire x-ray security scanner systems have increased hugely which made the security personnel only need to intervene in some specific situations. But sadly, this innovation wave has not yet reached all parts of the airport. Like for example, security screening operations at the cabin that is a sensible phase of the journey of the passenger can still cause stress for a lot of passengers due to the unclear screening procedures and unimagined queues.

Soon the passenger security checkpoints will be revolutionized

International entities like TSA, ECAC, CATSA, and others are collaborating with various airports for testing Computed tomography (CT) scanners being as an alternate option for conventional x-ray machines. This exceptional technology has been in the use for years for technical improvements and checked luggage which makes it now possible for using them also for cabin baggage. CT scanners can be implemented for allowing for updating the process of security screening having a positive impact on the experience of the passengers.

Simplifying and harmonizing the processes for taking complete advantage of the technical innovations

But no matter how great these innovations can be, the transformation towards modern standards will need several months or it can be years. The collaborative efforts from all the players of the industry are required for harmonizing these processes whenever possible. Importantly certain certification processes are simplified within the value chain which could significantly enhance the adoption of such types of policies faster.

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