Who can be a better security official for the airport than Superman? With his X-ray visions, he could have easily identified all the hidden things inside anyone’s bag. But if we take a deeper look inside this exceptional superpower, it can be noticed that this superpower would not have been much beneficial for the beleaguered employees of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the traveling masses. This is because some of the concealed threats will actually not reveal themselves directly over an X-ray image and to determine them with X-rays would require a good amount of computational processing that is would be tough to be managed even by the brain of Superman. Later, we realized that the x-ray baggage scanners already had the power for solving the technical problem which is lying here. A group of researchers used their experience to develop an amazing X-ray system that has been heavily suited to detect the various types of hazardous threats which can be hidden inside a carry-on bag. In the future, it has been predicted for shortening the queue where we are standing now.

The primary goal of airport security lies in ensuring that several hazardous items will not get into the planes while also offering an amazing experience for the passenger. This experience will be mainly depending on the people who you will be asking but also involves quick and short moving line along with the capacity for bringing everything which you would like to have without needing to untidily search your baggage for exonerating an electric shaver. For making this vision real, the TSA will be requiring a device that is capable of scanning a huge number of bags rapidly via a scanner machine which will terminate if any package contains any threat. The modern-day approach utilized projection imaging of X-ray, which is the same technology that the doctors use for diagnosing the broken bones.

By directing these penetrating rays towards anything and measuring the amount of energy that is coming out from the other side, X-ray projection imaging works. In simple words, the x-ray security scanners can sense the X-ray shadows which are cast by the objects present inside the luggage. The degree and shape of the darkness of the shadows have been utilized for differentiating among several items.

This amazing strategy works very well but any person who has been hiding under the shadow will know that not in every case, the shadows which are appearing are not the things which they look like. Because of this, a much more advanced range of scanners are using computed tomography that can combine the images produced by airport scanners X-rays from various angles for yielding the complete 3D shape of objects present inside the bag. This special strategy offers a wide range of advantages like allowing you to leave most of your used items like iPads, laptops, keys, and others inside your bag for scanning.

At the busiest airports of the world like in the US, an advanced range of baggage scanners are being deployed but still, a huge amount of older machines are in use. With a combination of computer algorithms along with trained personnel, their 2D images are being interpreted which further determines if you are free for continuing your flight or is required to have a more detailed inspection. This amazing system can work beautifully for threats that are shape-based like knives or guns. Well, it can be argued that if a small knife or needle can be used as a weapon but such objects are routinely transmitted by these x-ray baggage scanners.

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